First night

It was a long 18 hour journey but I made it! First off, foreign airlines are awesome. Every time the flight attendant passed us, she kept bringing us slippers, food, or drinks (which are free!). Had my first bibimibap, which is like stir fried vegetables and minced beef with rice and gochujang (chili paste) and sesame oil. Bibimbap


My dorm is janky like a typical freshmen dorm. My private bathroom is a literal 4×4′ tiled area with a toilet and sink.. normal.. but then there’s a shower head in there connected to the sink which you just shower in the bathroom. No tub, curtain, or anything to divide the spaces – you just shower literally where the sink and toilet are. My roommate is MIA – which I heard a lot of students cancelled because of MERS. Honestly, maybe 1 out of every 25 people wears a face mask. I do not feel threatened by MERS at all and neither do the people of Korea.

Despite my past travels, I have major jet lag because it’s 4am. I’m 13 hours ahead of Ohio and 14 for Kansas. Well orientation starts at 10am so I’ll see you guys tomorrow – or is it today? 😉


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