Boryeong Mud Festival

Since 1998, Boryeong has held an annual mud festival on the Daecheon beach to raise awareness of the mud cosmetics produced in this region. The festival lasts a week and attracts millions of people from all around the world every July. We spent all Friday at the beach going to this festival.

First, you walk up to the beach area and see a bunch of mud watering wells where visitors can put their war paint on before going into the mud fest. There’s a small gated area with a bunch of inflatables and swimming pools filled with mud. We laid in mud massage baths/pools, did a mud obstacle course, mud wrestling, mud congo line, and played mud soccer. The mud wasn’t as thick as I thought it would be – more of a watery consistency. I tested some of the face masks and those are the typical clay consistency you’d think of.

Mud obstacle course
Mud obstacle course

On the beach, there was a stage with a DJ and dancers. They sprayed the crowd with water from the back and front of the stage and it was like a giant rave. Most of my time was spent swimming in the ocean and walking the beach, though. For which I am paying for with a face sunburn right now.

Music stage
Music stage

Closer to the parking lots were street vendors – mainly selling shots or food on a stick. The university gave us boxed lunches with super saucy and gross hamburgers, which every country agreed on was not good. But food is food. On the way back, we got Korean fast food noodles or rice dishes at a rest stop. Their rest stops resemble mini mall food courts though, so I was not complaining.

Overall, I didn’t think I would like playing in the mud as much as I did, but it was kind of like playing in the sprinklers when you were a kid. The mud wasn’t gross and they kept the beach really clean. Before you could do any of the inflatables, you had to wash the sand off of your feet and they hosed you down when you got out.

My fave :)
My fave 🙂

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