Thank You

My time in South Korea flew by. A month isn’t enough to get to know the amazing people you’ve met or to part with such a beautiful city. I will miss the cafes, food, hiking and friends in Korea and all over the world. Not everyone gets the opportunity to study abroad, let alone have it basically fully funded for you. Since my first time studying abroad, I have been a strong advocate for study abroad programs. They enrich young adults mentally, emotionally, and physically. It’s not just the classroom knowledge you gain, but the experiences along that way that shape you. You learn firsthand what it’s like to be in another culture, how to communicate when communication skills have been lost to you, what values you hold, and what makes us different or the same as other people. I came back appreciating my home country a thousand times more because I experienced life without the government and culture I grew up in. Say what you want about the flaws to your country, in the end, you still want to be a part of that. And maybe after, you’ll want to help fix it.

I want to thank my college for granting me the fellowship to study in South Korea. Korea has never been on my destination list, and I am so grateful that ONU put it on my map. Thank you to my friends who fundraised and donated to allow me to go. Thank you to the Theta Foundation and the support of my sorority sisters for giving me a travel grant to cover my biggest expense. And lastly, my family for continually supporting me through my crazy endeavors. As my mom said, “If it makes you better, then do it.” And I truly believe this study abroad made me a better global citizen and future healthcare provider.


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