Health and Fitness

I mentioned how eating disorders and the obsession to be thin is prevalent in South Korea, but I found out in class that about 25% of Koreans are actually overweight. Outside of the University areas, I do notice that some people are more shapely but I still don’t see this “overweight” population. Everyone leads an … More Health and Fitness

Puppy cafe

Tonight we went to the Gangnam district, which is basically a lot of shopping on the main street and nicer restaurants on the side streets. We happened across a puppy cafe where you pay $10 for a drink and to spend time with all of the puppies running around the cafe. It was super clean … More Puppy cafe

First impressions

It’s been 3ish days in Korea now and this is what I’ve learned. MERS: Not as serious as the news makes it out to be. Hardly anyone wears a face mask and public areas are still just as crowded. Korean people: Everyone is stick skinny and super stylish here. Talking with a Korean girl today, … More First impressions

First night

It was a long 18 hour journey but I made it! First off, foreign airlines are awesome. Every time the flight attendant passed us, she kept bringing us slippers, food, or drinks (which are free!). Had my first bibimibap, which is like stir fried vegetables and minced beef with rice and gochujang (chili paste) and sesame oil.  … More First night

Hello world!

It’s my last day in the US before starting my adventure in South Korea! This truly will be a different experience and it’s nerve wracking to go to a new country – especially when you know zero Korean. Follow me on FB and this blog to see updates 🙂 And feel free to comment to … More Hello world!